Lithon EP 2


Meets specifications:

LITHON EP 1 & EP 2 meet IS:7623-1993 Grade EP 1 & EP 2 type respectively and IPSS 1-09-005.

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Application areas:

LITHON grades meet the requirements of all industrial grease applications for plain and antifriction bearings in steel mills, paper mills, electric motors & generators, pumps, conveyors, compressors, machine tools, etc. LITHON EP has, in addition, shear stability, high load carrying capacity and is recommended for situations requiring the use of an extreme pressure multipurpose grease. LITHON EP2 is also suitable for ball and roller bearings of railway axle boxes. LITHON M 2 is suitable for applications where fretting corrosion may be a problem, such as lubrication of splined shafts.

Performance benefits:

  • Excellent water resistance properties
  • Works most satisfactorily even at high loads, wet and dry situations
  • Excellent mechanical and oxidation stability

Special Features

LITHON series of lubricants are first quality, lithium soap greases suitable for lubricating various types of mechanical equipments. These are superior multipurpose greases, developed to meet the varied requirements of bearing manufacturers. They are water-resistant and are corrosion inhibited with excellent oxidation and mechanical stability.

Physico-chemical properties

2 3 EP1 EP2 M2
Colour Yellowish Black
Worked Penetration @ 25ºC 265/295 230/250 310/340 265/295 265/295
Drop Point, ºC, min. 180 180 180 180 180
Type of soap Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium
Timken Ok Load, Kg., min 20.4 20.4